RGB Light Experience, acronym of Rome Glocal Brightness, is the first urban festival of light installations and video installations in Rome.

Per three days, from dusk into the night, the RGB offer experience allows the audience to immerse themselves in the hidden corners and unconventional city, creating a artistic career dedicated to sharing experiences and exploration of the tangible and intangible heritage of the urban periphery.

The protagonist is the light art, a new contemporary urban art current linked to the visual arts and to the various applications of light, thanks to which the city becomes an open-air museum.

RGB is designed more like a 'experience than as a traditional event, aim of the festival is to spread the culture of light art, not only for its purely aesthetic values, but most of all relational and experiential. RGB therefore it proposed as an urban artistic lighting alternative language that can open and facilitate comparison with the other.

The RGB relational strategy is also expressed in the ability to combine culture, Art, social and economy thanks to partnership and the support of several other organizations working in the area. The activation of these reports seeks to structure a new network of actors that promotes a new cultural that can foster social cohesion it is to territorial growth.


IThe festival takes place in the land triangle whose vertices the pedestrian island Pigneto, l’Alexandria Aqueduct Sangalli and Park Piazza Malatesta, in the Roman eastern outskirts. A journey of about four kilometers that winds along the historic streets, the architecture and the landscape of the neighborhood. It is the urban context that best represents the future of our society: a cosmopolitan place the fact of coexistence between ethnic groups and mixture of different realities, where colors, customs and traditions are intertwined, influencing each other and creating, unconsciously, new worlds.

The site-specific installations, specially designed by the artists for the places that house them, create a strong bond with the environment: the work becomes part of the work is participating neighborhood and the neighborhood, exalting mutually in innate symbiosis.


RGB is a 'innovative experience of urban space that it allows you to show the city in a new light and, at the same time, a pole of artistic and cultural interest in highly contemporary sense and avant-garde, capable of attracting the interest of a wide audience of artists and professionals from Italy and abroad.

The festival is therefore a 'at convergence it's a'glocal experience to promote the area: with the ability to involve the local community and attract creative personality and active international reality, creates a favorable environment for the development of new networking networks and it helps to generate new artistic relationships between the city of Rome and its external.


Each RGB edition offers a selection of about 25 artistic works proposals by national and international artists, famous and emerging, devoting a special section for young people.

Furthermore, in order to expand the involvement of citizens and create opportunities for training and study, They are provided a series of activities such as workshops Children and workshop and meetings adult given by artists and industry experts.


Works that 41 RGB productions

Artists from 11 countries

Workshops, meetings and workshops

Proposals to 32 nations