V EDITION 2020. Responding to the crisis in the name of creativity and resilience, identifying new ways of keeping the production of art and culture alive.

In these times characterized by distance and isolation, Luci Ombre has decided not to stop; la V edizione dell’exhibition urbana “RGB Light Experience. Roma Glocal Brightness ”has been completely redesigned to allow it to take place in its full potential.

The Festival thus becomes an opportunity for response, in the name of creativity, to the difficulties and disorientation that we are all experiencing.

The ways of using the urban exhibition have been overturned, no longer a walk to visit the works of art scattered along an urban path, but one light art exhibition to watch directly from home, looking out, being passing through and live streaming.

The works themselves will move within the urban fabric.

All artists selected through the Call for Artist, they accepted the proposal and created new works of light.

NATURARE is the "lightmotiv" of this year: an invitation to overturn the anthropocentric conception of Nature.

"NATURARE", invites us to think about Humanity, and all that is proper to him, no longer as the center of Nature, but as part of it; it asks to think and act with the awareness that we are in a living place and we are part of a strictly interconnected whole.

Humanity acts in an invasive and irresponsible way, selfish and careeristic, capitalist and anti-capitalist, deluding himself to rule the natural world and ignoring the responsibilities he has towards it. The impact of Humanity on Nature is such as to seriously threaten the quality of its existence and to radically influence the fate of other species, destroying entire ecosystems.

It is necessary to introduce a rapid and radical change; we have a responsibility to take care of Nature, this is the thought that must govern our actions!

“What artistic action can we activate to overturn the way in which Humanity stands towards Nature? How can we through art, maximum expression of human creativity, "NATURE" the impact of the action of the whole of Humanity and put it in harmony with Nature?”

Eighteen site-specific lighting works in four places in the capital; a traveling exhibition that for four days tries to redesign urban architectural surfaces, creating new imaginaries.

Video illuminators, motorized lights of various types and lasers will be the brushes with which the selected artists will be able create emotional environments, interacting with the architecture of the chosen places.

The artists will use light as an intervention and interaction with the metropolitan fabric, trying to define the role of art in relation to the architectural and urban design. For a night, the structures chosen will show themselves in a new light, each artist will intervene in his own way trying to use architecture and make it other than the everyday imagination. They will try to get out of clichés, to tell a story that lies beneath the layer of concrete and paint. Their installations will create a strong bond with the environment. An ephemeral action that however wants to have a value over time, a chance that this could become permanent.

Per four days, from dusk into the night, two equipped trucks will take you to a different site every day all the works in the program, the experience offered by RGB will allow the public to be present and connected in live streaming (on the other social channels of RGB) to share one innovative vision of urban space.

From i sites chosen, three will be at pivotal points within the historic path that the festival has proposed in recent years, in the Pigneto and Torpignattara districts (Roma East): Sangalli Park along the Alessandrino Aqueduct which will host RGB il 19 December; a'Pigneto parking area the 20 December and the stretch of the Prenestina under the elevated arteries of the Tangenziale East the 21 December. New in this edition, the Prenestina ramp which will come to life in a new light on the final evening of the event, the 22 December.

Each with their own peculiarities and with different stories, they are all suspended places, squeezed between the loss of identity and a perennial condition of randomness and precariousness, condemned to neglect by chaotic urban development. Architectural projects that have had a troubled history and an important impact on Rome's urban planning, and which today - except for the Alexandrian aqueduct - are a symbol of urban decay and misuse of the public good.

Perfect places to develop “NATURARE”, the fil rouge of this edition. For a night, the structures in question can be redeemed: each artist will intervene on the architecture, making them other than the daily imagination to which we are involuntarily forced; and the public will be able to explore this particular material heritage by relating it to a new intangible heritage.

An artistic action, therefore, which embodies a political message.

An ephemeral action that however wants to have a value over time, a chance that this could become permanent.